Detox 4 Life – D4L

Detox 4 Life – D4L

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is not just a 2500 – 3000 year old medical system that has treated millions of patients throughout the centuries successfully, it is a way of life.

Look at the body as a fish tank in a way; if the water is murky and dirty, there will be health issues and if it is clear, there will be increased health.

If the digestive system is working poorly, the undigested foods will seep out into the system and cause pain. Such as joint pain, insomnia , or lack of concentration.

Acupuncture needles and or Chinese medicine herbal formulas can help improve your organ function so that the body can begin to eliminate toxins more effectively and clear out any “filth” in the system.

When you are first assessed you are asked about 10 questions regarding your health.

What if I told you that each symptom has a meaning and can tell your Chinese Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist so many facets of your health.

In fact, these answers are so meaningful they can tell your practitioner potentially what ailments you will suffer from in the future. The trajectory of your future health or what you suffered from in the past, and why you are experiencing the symptoms you have right at this very moment.

Many people come in and tell me they are only seeking treatment for a tight neck or a sore lower back; however, in many instances the neck did not just get tight overnight, and the painful low back is not only related to heavy lifting.

Examples of questions you will be asked:

Sleep habits – is it easy for you to fall asleep, stay asleep, do you wake up early as in 4am? Do you have vivid dreams? Do you have night sweats? Do you have muscle cramping in the night?

Eating habits – your appetite/digestion – meaning how you digest the food from the mouth all the way through to the anus and out. Do you experience any burning in the mouth? Tongue ulcers? Abdominal discomfort - bloating, borborygmus – stomach or intestinal sounds? Do you have diarrhea or constipation? Is there any pain when trying to eliminate? Any hemorrhoids?  Do you suffer from low appetite?

Do you suffer from a foggy mind or a headache that feels like a helmet on the head?

How about urination - how frequently do you go to urinate? Do you have night urine? What colour is your urine - is it clear, is it cloudy? Is there dribbling urine?

How thirsty are you? Does drinking fluids satisfy you? Are you not thirsty at all? Do you crave hot drinks or ice cold drinks? Does drinking water make you bloated, or nauseated?

Emotions and activity habits:

Is your life stressful or hectic? Do you have time to rest and replenish yourself?

Do you feel anxious?

Body temperature and sweating – is your body constantly hot or cold, or neither, just normal? Do you have cold hands and feet, or do you have cold feet and warm hands? Are you bothered by damp weather, warm weather or cold weather or if the wind blows on you? Do you have spontaneous sweating, night sweating, no sweating, do your hands sweat or your feet sweat?

Do you have any cough, or sore throats? Is it a sore throat on one side only? Do you have blocked ears or sinuses? Do you have tinnitus (ringing in your ears)? Do some of these symptoms only come when you are fatigued, taken a long flight, or done some strenuous activity?

Do you have palpitations, or tightness in the chest? Rib side pain?  Dizziness?

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I am particularly concerned if you have any bleeding in the body, such as nose bleeds, hemorrhoids that bleed, or excessive menstrual bleeding.

Do you have any nausea or vomiting?

These would be the first symptoms in the treatment focus, regardless if you are coming in for low back pain, arthritic pain, etc. Of course, we would treat these as well.

In many cases people will tell me, I have excessive menstrual bleeding - “it is normal for me”.

I have had diarrhea or constipation for years – “it is normal for me”.

I sweat profusely or I am always hot - I wear T shirts in the winter – “it is normal for me”.

All of these health issues will be addressed with the incredible treatment tools within the scope of Chinese Medicine.

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