About Me

Natasha started her journey as a kinesiologist acquiring her bachelors of Kinesiology at York University. Her interest in the body’s self healing mechanisms called her to study Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Craniosacral Therapy.

She is passionate about using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to integrate the body, mind and emotions as a whole in the healing process.
She worked for many years in a rehab clinic setting as a Kinesiologist .  She now combines her anatomy and clinical skills to blend them all together.  Natasha has worked in Acupuncture clinics as both student and teacher and now works in private practice in Sarnia Ontario.
She enjoys and is often amazed at how significant Acupuncture  treatments can be , by treating the underlying causes of a disease or injury , often the results are remarkable 

Natasha offers a zoom class workshop called Living The Healthy Life which discusses self help techniques involving Acupressure points to relieve headaches and body aches , and  boost your immune system using Acupuncture points and ancient herbal formulas which can be found in your kitchen to ward off colds and flus .
She enjoys sharing her knowledge and educating others about the powers of our inner healing systems within the body.

My Philosophy

In my university years I studies Kinesiology, the study of the body in motion.

We learned about the ancient Greek philosophy, 

A sound body is equal to A sound mind

As I aged and put many new learning tools into practice, namely the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as Craniosacral Therapy, I realized that “A sound mind is equal to a sound body”, just as much as “A sound body is equal to A sound mind”. They are in fact one.
The ancient Chinese already put all of this together noting that disease comes from many factors.

They considered already 3000 years ago, that our emotions, diet, lifestyle, and the external environments we are exposed to, can all have a huge impact on our health.

I am constantly impressed and blown away by the depth of their knowledge in treating conditions we are faced with today.

It does in fact seem simple, if we over work, if we live in a state of imbalance
internally, eventually parts of our body systems will break down.

The most amazing aspect of Chinese Medicine is that it taps into the body’s innate
healing systems. Our bodies are constantly in a state of self-repair, trying to re –
harmonize all we have subjected the body through during the day. We know that
sleep is critical for the brain to remove toxins, create order from chaos, re -
nurture the immune system and consolidate memory.

The body does not require much to improve itself. The question is… are we
listening to our bodies enough to understand when it is in need of some
treatment and fine tuning?

I am extremely honoured to be able to practice this medicine and look forward to
treating you in the clinic.

I am also especially grateful to Angela Wang who was the practitioner, who
owned this clinic prior to me, and shared the incredible healings of Traditional
Chinese Medicine with this community.