• Aesthetic (Cosmetic) acupuncture Involves the insertion of fine acupuncture needles into the skin to stimulate the skin’s cellular turnover and triggers a collagen and elastin production.

    The needles will also cause the connective tissue between the skin and muscles to relax.

    These tiny needles are inserted into locations which enable tightened facial muscles to relax.

    Aesthetic Acupuncture can help stimulate weakened muscles, which are responsible for skin sagging and drooping.


    As you age, your skin produces less collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.  In turn your skin begins to thin out as it loses moisture and strength.  The natural layer of fat under the skin becomes
    affected by gravity, and will also accumulate pockets which can sag.

     Bearing in mind that each person will age at a different pace. Multiple factors will influence how the skin appears and how it ages. 

    The appearance of the skin is influenced by one’s personal skin care.  Environmental factors will impact aging, such as exposure to sunlight

    ( 90% of skin aging is linked to UV exposure)   

    Genetics is the third factor.

    How does cosmetic acupuncture negate the effects of aging?

    We use an anti- aging- acupuncture treatment protocol that combines techniques:

    acupuncture, guasha and cupping as well as facial massage and a rejuvenating facial serum which revitalizes the skin and tones the muscles of the face.

    In Summation.

    By inserting fine acupuncture needles stimulates the skin’s cellular turnover, this helps to turn the dry, damaged skin at the surface, and replace it rapidly with new, youthful skin. The needles also trigger the production of collagen and elastin, ensuring your new skin is stronger and tighter.

    These tiny needles are placed in specific locations which relax targeted muscles and in the connective tissue between your skin and muscles.

    By relaxing specific muscles, wrinkles become diminished such as the frown lines wrinkles caused by muscle contractions.

    These specific acupuncture points will activate weak muscles. 
    Lift the muscles, which improves the skin’s underlying support and
    reducing sagging skin.


    What is facial cupping?

  • Facial Cupping

    During facial cupping, a small, soft cup on the face will gently pull the skin into the cup. It is done using a massage-like technique.

    Facial cupping improves your complexion and rejuvenates your skin by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. This is not like body cupping, where marks might be left on the body. 

    The facial cupping process is gliding, so as not to leave any marks.

    An added bonus to note is - during the process of facial acupuncture there is also relief felt in the TMJ – for jaw pain.(Temporomandibular joint). 

    The acupuncture will stimulate the release of biochemicals which trigger a healing response in the surrounding tissues. Acupuncture relieves your pain by reducing
    inflammation, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the area, relaxing muscles, promoting tissue repair and releasing endorphins. 

    The release of endorphins activates the pain relieving receptors as natural opioids, which stimulate your body’s natural painkillers.